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P.O. Box 6635
Boise, ID 83707

(208) 331-9592


to Nov 17



  • Thursday November 14th 2019 - Sunday November 17th 2019

  • 7:30pm, 7:30pm, 7:30pm, 2:00pm

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Boise, Idaho, November 14th-17th

Idaho Dance Theatre presents, “Launch” 

EVENT INFORMATION: All performances are at the BSU Special Events Center

November 14, 7:30pm, Preview (General $10) Tickets sold at the door only.

  • November 15, 7:30pm, ($30 Preferred, $20 General, $15 Military/Senior/BSU Faculty, $12 Student/Children)

  • November 16, 7:30pm, ($30 Preferred, $20 General, $15 Military/Senior/BSU Faculty, $12 Student/Children)

  • November 17, 2:00pm, ($30 Preferred, $20 General, $15 Military/Senior/BSU Faculty, $12 Student/Children)

Buy tickets online at

Choreographer’s Notes:

Kennedy Kaya

“‘L.I.F.E.’ is about the ups, the downs, and all of the moments in between. In part 1, we explore the joy and innocence of childhood where skinned knees and monsters under the bed were our biggest worries. In the part 2, our dancers dive into the “first love” stage; the awkwardness and quirkiness of teenage love will have you giggling and reminiscing over past times. Thirdly, adulthood comes to send us into a world of realities. Hardships are unavoidable during adulthood whether it’s related to love, money, family, or work. Finally, the cast dances through it all, surviving hardships, embracing the ups and downs through the love and support.”

Nathan Powell

“My piece is a collection of dances to music by the contemporary composers Dana Wilson and John Adams. It is an experiment in finding the smooth sultry connectivity of Wilson’s Hungarian dances to the devolving quirkiness of Adams’ aptly titled “Alleged Dances.” With the rhythm and harmony driving the work there is a hint of the dancers searching for the unknown both within their movement and their perception. This work hopes to invite the audience in on this ever-evolving journey and enjoy wherever it takes them. “

Taylor Munson

Culminating in a series of solos, Taylor brings the stories of incarcerated women to the stage through movement, voice, and guitar. Each solo follows the words of a different woman, all with their own story to tell. 

Evan Stevens

“‘Palindrome’ is an abstract look at the repetitive sequences of a relationship. It was inspired by observations I made of commonalities between all romantic relationships, both before and after their breakups. Specifically I was drawn to the idea of making a piece about the, ‘single-then Dating-then together-then- (repeat)’ pattern that seems to be (at some point at least) a struggle in everyone’s life.”

Marla Hansen

Marla’s “Refuge”, to the soul stirring music of Ludovico Einaudi, delves into the world of change and the power of our human spirit.

Yurek Hansen


“I’ve been pulled and moved by this work on piano; pulled and pushed by many deaths in my life and a few very close transcendent Souls this year. We all have shapes that we fall into. Old injuries, mind frames that pull our bodies into contortions, habits that we may not be conscious of creating during this myriad of experiences we call Life. Some of us are aware of this tendency of habituation. Some become aware by the gripping chains of addiction. Once a pattern is set, it is nearly impossible to change. Potentially, with major upheaval in the flow of day to day life, some of us can change, let go. Some only change with Death as the moving force. Some of Us are healers, here to help release old patterns of pain and suffering. Some see”

Palindrome 1 D_1904_034_111.jpg
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