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P.O. Box 6635
Boise, ID 83707

(208) 331-9592


Photography by John Kelly

Video audition requirements:

An effective audition video must include a comprehensive indication of your training and performing abilities. Include ballet center work showing adagio; turns of all kinds including en dehors, dedans, arabesque, in second, etc.; and jumps, petite and gran.

If you are not classically trained we need to see that you have solid standard dance technique.

Most importantly, include a diversity of contemporary/modern choreography showing different speeds, qualities, floor work, and partnering. Include other styles you are proficient in such as hip hop, break, etc.

If you send a performance video, which we encourage, please clearly identify which dancer you are.

While we initially accept video auditions, we may ask for an in-person session for further serious consideration.

Accommodations will be provided if asked to audition in person. Travel will not be provided.  

Audition materials should be sent to:


P.O. Box 6635

Boise, Idaho 83707



Idaho Dance Theatre

Idaho Dance Theatre is a half-time, professional contemporary company. We present on average 8 to 10 performances a year in Boise. Salary is based on skill and experience. The repertory is highly eclectic, challenging and contemporary. Daily ballet class is provided in addition to physical therapy.   

Boise, Idaho  is a beautiful and unique city! Learn about relocating to Boise: